WOLVEPOP – “Blue Tape”

New track from upcoming Wolvepop LP // Blue Tape [MP3]

Wolvepop has continued to mature and expand their sound over the past two years.  I thought I heard the last original music from Wolvepop when the founding member changed directions with the creation of his new project SUR FER.  Instead, the project has feet again, and are finalizing a new LP – Tropicana.  The album will feature collaborations with aspd youth, sun deers, and modern disbeliefs.

Grab the MP3 of the first single from Tropicana, titled “Blue Tape,” which is comprised of of two songs “Princess” and “Into Blue.”  “Blue Tape” contains some of the familiar sampling and styling of past tracks, but with a smooth layer of dream pop lathered over it creating a complex euphonic tune.

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SUR FER – “Je suis le seigneur du château”

New Track from the SUR FER Project

Here’s a New track from a friend of mine’s collaborative project, SUR FER (formally working under the Wolvepop moniker), titled “Je suis le seigneur du château” (Meaning, I Am the Lord Of The Castle).  In fact, George Wolve, the collaborator/man behind SUR FER  / Wolvepop / Sun Deer did not produce this track.  Instead, it was made by a 16 year-old, a up-and-comer who has chosen to remain nameless.

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ACE DEF – “Dope” [Exclusive]

Ace Def’s FIRST Track!

Ace Def was first introduced to you via Wolvepop/SUR FER/SayMyms with their collaboration on the 7″ split We Are Sand / Let’s Move Sun.

AD just emailed me, bright eyed and bushy tailed, about his First track – “Dope.”  Give it a listen from this well-respected blogger.

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WOLVEPOP & ACE DEF – “We Are Sand” & “Let’s Move Sun”

Wolvepop and Ace Def collab and create their Debut 7″ Release titled – We Are Sand

Wolvepop (aka: SUR FER, SayMyms) and his friend/blogger Ace Def have collaborated to release two singles, “We Are Sand” and “Let’s Move Sun”  that will precede their first full album.   Continue reading