BEST SONGS OF 2012: January to June

Did.You Hear The New? Best Songs Of 2012 Mixtape

Finaaally, right?

Sorry for the delay in putting out the first set (of  two) in the Best of 2012 Mixtape Compilation.  I take just as much effort and pride listening through each and every song multiple times as I do with the monthly mixtapes to try and make a truely timeless best of collection.

So here is Did.You Hear The New? Best Of 2012 Part I: January to June 2012.


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Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? May 2012

Best New Music of May 2012

The May Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? is Here!

This will be another fun one for y’all.

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REPTAR: Body Faucet (2012)

Reptar Releases their Debut LP – Body Faucet [Stream]

Check out Reptar‘s debut LP Body Faucet Below.
Body Faucet has surprised the crap out of me. I expected them to fall flat after “Houseboat Babies” and/or try to replicate it 10x throughout the album. Instead they’ve crafted a unique and complex pop album.


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