BEST SONGS OF 2012: July to December

Did.You Hear The New? Best Songs Of 2012 Mixtape


Here’s Did.You Hear The New? Best Of 2012 Part II: July to December 2012.

Now onto the January/February playlist :).


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Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? July 2012

Best New Music of July 2012

The July Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? is Here!

Thank you all for the feedback over these past several months and year.  I’m so glad y’all have been soaking up so much of these compilations – enough to scream it out through the comments sections.

Reading the comments on the site here and on various torrent pages really makes it all worth while to me.


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LUVIAN: Jams EP (2012)

Brilliant First Release by Luvian // Jams EP [MP3]

The 20 year-old, Luvian from Brighton, recently emerged into the music scene within the last 6 months, but his tracks feel well polished as any vetted artist.
Jams EP released today on his own Wolf Blood label. The EP comprises of three tunes, and is chilled out yet permeated with deep grooves and astral atmospherics [via].

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