LEURE: Holland Sky

Ash Hendriks’ Solo Project // Holland Sky

Check Out Leure, the solo project of Australian native Ash Hendriks (of Wolves at the Door), and her record Holland Sky.  Hendriks paints a dark picture with sweet melodies, an inherently difficult task only mastered by the likes of Grimes.

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Sexy New Collab from Blood Diamonds & Grimes [MP3]

Two Of the best new artists Blood Diamonds and Grimes have finally taken their playful online/twitter relationship to the next level with a sexy new collaborative track titled “Phone Sex” – steel drums included.  Expect the Phone Sex EP to be released on July 24th in the US of 4AD Records.

“We wanted to do a big pop song and wrote it in my bedroom in a night. I played the track later that week at a Blood Diamonds show with Claire as the secret guest. It was ridiculous. We wore LED glasses and projected the PS2 game “Rez” onto a mise-en-scène of “Twin Peaks”, whilst performing on a slippery stage due to the opening act (ice skaters on fake ice dancing to a David Lynch cover orchestra). Later that month, I reproduced “Phone Sex” with halo drums and we re-wrote the lyrics together. When Claire came over to work on those, I didn’t have my phone on me and she slept on my complex’s porch for half an hour, I still feel bad about it. The song was mixed down in Kansas City on a board which was also used on Thriller (mostly did this for laughs).” – Blood Diamonds

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