FAIRLY COHERENT.com’s: BEST Tracks of 2011

FC.com bids farewell with his Favorite Tracks of 2011

In Dave’s last Official post at Fairly Coherent he illustrated his Favorite tracks of 2011.

Dave has been a good friend, and we have shared many conversations regarding the difficulties of maintaining a one-man blog.  Unfortunately, he has reached his tipping point – due to the laborious nature of sites like these.

I’d like to publicly offer Dave to write at Did.You Hear The New? in the near future, possibly with a “guest/celebrity” post.

Good. Luck.

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The Best Halloween Songs of All Time [FairlyCoherent.com]

A FairlyCoherent.com Production

Originally From: FairlyCoherent.com

It’s October 1st and I get to listen to 31 days of Halloween music! This is my favorite season, my favorite month, and my favorite holiday. You get to listen to funky music ranging from surfer rock to psychobilly to 50s pop to heavy metal to the just plain weird.

This super mix includes all of the standards and some inspired new additions to the canon of Halloween music. The mix is currently at 169 songs but it’s always growing. So if I missed your favorite, leave a message in the comments and it’ll get added.

For the entire month of October this playlist will be on the main page, left hand side. Ya know, the orange and black one.

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WINTERCOATS – “Working on a Dream”

Wintercoats – Working on a Dream

Album: Sketches EP 
Release: 27 September 2011
File Uunder: lyricless, ambient
Similar: Delicate Steve, God is an Astronaut
Website: www.cascine.us
So it is still raining here and there are warnings all over about flash floods, so I thought a little more instrumental mood music might do us good this morning.

This is coming off the latest band offering by Cascine, and it is just really chill.

You can also check out a pretty sweet music video of the song after the break.

THE BIG PLAYLIST UPDATE [FairlyCoherent.com]

A FairlyCoherent.com Production

Napping Duck has updated the Big Playlist posted here and elsewhere with a handful of new tracks that you gotta check out:

New songs added to the Big Playlist that weren’t posted to the main page:

Hayes Carll – Kmag Yoyo
The Wilderness of Manitoba – Summer Fires
Tinie Tempah – Snap
The Naked and Famous – Punching in a Dream
Metal Mountains – The Golden Trees That Shade Us

Some great tunes for a Sunday afternoon.

See the ever-growing Big Playlist over at FairlyCoherent.com.