WOLVEPOP – “Blue Tape”

New track from upcoming Wolvepop LP // Blue Tape [MP3]

Wolvepop has continued to mature and expand their sound over the past two years.  I thought I heard the last original music from Wolvepop when the founding member changed directions with the creation of his new project SUR FER.  Instead, the project has feet again, and are finalizing a new LP – Tropicana.  The album will feature collaborations with aspd youth, sun deers, and modern disbeliefs.

Grab the MP3 of the first single from Tropicana, titled “Blue Tape,” which is comprised of of two songs “Princess” and “Into Blue.”  “Blue Tape” contains some of the familiar sampling and styling of past tracks, but with a smooth layer of dream pop lathered over it creating a complex euphonic tune.

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Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? July 2012

Best New Music of July 2012

The July Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? is Here!

Thank you all for the feedback over these past several months and year.  I’m so glad y’all have been soaking up so much of these compilations – enough to scream it out through the comments sections.

Reading the comments on the site here and on various torrent pages really makes it all worth while to me.


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