PANAMA: Its Not Over EP

Panama releases their first EP // Its Not Over

Future Classic, the all-knowing Australian label (Poolside, Cadillac, Flume, Anna Lunoe) backed the delightful debut release of Sydney-based quartet PanamaIt’s Not Over.
Steeped in splashes of yacht rock, hopeful house music and an avid appreciation for the 80s, Panama make music that is as brimming with a quiet, golden nostalgia as it is bright and anthemic in its delivery.

If you haven’t heard their Bon Iver remix album Good Winter, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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FLUME: Flume

Check out the new LP from FLUME [Listen]

The Burgeoning 20 year-old Australian FLUME has been making his rounds over the past several months (“HyperParadise” Remix, “I Met You,” and “Sleepless“) building anticipation for his debut full-length.  The self-titled project is to be released on the almighty Future Classic label November 9th.

Stream below.

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Sophomore Album from Australian Tame Impala // Lonerism

In the proverbial fight to the Album of the Year award, Tame Impala has released there long awaited sophomore album Lonerism.

A year ago I assumed/concluded that Australia’s Tame Impala would not be able to succeed after their bountiful 2010 debut Innerspeaker.  I’ve, in fact, come to love this album thoroughly more than their former release.  Only if every sophomore record were such quality.

Best Said: The songs of Lonerism, when only fragments of a given lyric can be discerned, convey a sense of walls being built; of an arm’s length being extended. They’re not a collection of psychedelic freakouts so much as a collection of controlled psychedelic slow-burns — though the fat, swirling guitars in “Endors Toi” would make Swervedriver proud — Lonerism makes alienation and introversion sound both alluring and, ironically, inviting.

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