Did.You Hear THE NEW MIXTAPE? BEST OF 2014: Part II

Best of 2014 Mixtape Part II Cover Art

The second half of the Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? Best of 2014 compilation is up – Enjoy!

Of note, there will be no streaming version for now since removed the ability to upload songs to create mixtapes.  If anyone knows of a good alternative – I’m all ears.  For now, I will start slowly putting together a public spotify playlist, but it will take some time since I have to compile it manually.

Finally finished putting the Spotify stream together for the 2014 Best of Part II. Some songs will of course be unable to be played. But my hope is that once spotify picks up on these artists +/or tracks that it will work itself over the long-term.

If anyone wants to volunteer and do this for future months until I find a replacement to, that’d be stupendous.


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BEST SONGS OF 2012: January to June

Did.You Hear The New? Best Songs Of 2012 Mixtape

Finaaally, right?

Sorry for the delay in putting out the first set (of  two) in the Best of 2012 Mixtape Compilation.  I take just as much effort and pride listening through each and every song multiple times as I do with the monthly mixtapes to try and make a truely timeless best of collection.

So here is Did.You Hear The New? Best Of 2012 Part I: January to June 2012.


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