Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? June 2013

Best New Music of June 2013

Here’s the June Did.You Hear The New Mixtape?.  This month’s tape is quite short.  The last month probably had the least amount of good music released during any other time I have released these mixes.  Therefore, the compilation is a bit shorter and skimpier than usual.  As always, I try to keep it lean and never fluff them.

Hope you all enjoy.

Cheers // BToneVibes

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New LP from Daughn Gibson // Me Moan

Check out the sophomore effort from Daughn Gibson – Me Moan.  His unique  alternative country mixed with electronic features continues its course from the debut All Hell.  

If this is your first exposure to Gibson make sure to listen to two of his classic tracks “Tiffany Lou” and “Lite Me Up” first.

Stream a few tracks from Me Moan below.

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