WALK OFF THE EARTH – “Somebody That I Used To Know” (GOTYE Cover)

Walked Off The Earth Cover Gotye‘s smash hit with an acoustic gang bang [MP3]

With the Excessive amounts of Remixes that have emerged from Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the members of little-known Walk Off The Earth have uniquely covered this song acoustically with 5 people and 1 guitair.  Kinda impressive.

It’s amusing to note, the ridiculous surge in page-views of my original post of this song over the past 2 months, albeit being posted back in September of 2011, where up until then it received nearly zero attention.

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DAVE MATTHEWS – “Mercy” (Live On Fallon)

Dave Matthews plays new song, “Mercy,” on Jimmy Fallon [MP3]

Dave Matthews debuted a new track from the upcoming Dave Matthew Band / Steve Lillywhite album, titled “Mercy.”

I was hesitant to post this on Did.You Hear The New?, because of the stigma that DMB carries with many non-fans.  It may seem hard to believe, but I’m a Huge fan, and sacrificed sleep last night just to hear it.  I’ll be interested in the feedback, be it negative or not, for this post.

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MAT. McHUGH: Love Come Save Me (2012)

Mat. McHugh releases new LP Love Come Save Me [Download]

The Beautiful GirlsMat. McHugh has released his follow-up solo effort, Serperatista!, with another PERFECT summer album.

If you are a fan of Jack Johnson‘s earlier material, then you’ll slide right into this album without difficulty.  It almost sounds too similar to Jack’s first 3 albums.  Zero Complaints.

What’s more, McHugh is offering Love Come Save Me for Free at his webpage.

Download and Enjoy Below!

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REPTAR: Body Faucet (2012)

Reptar Releases their Debut LP – Body Faucet [Stream]

Check out Reptar‘s debut LP Body Faucet Below.
Body Faucet has surprised the crap out of me. I expected them to fall flat after “Houseboat Babies” and/or try to replicate it 10x throughout the album. Instead they’ve crafted a unique and complex pop album.


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