MODEST MOUSE – “Poison” & “Lampshades Of Fire”

If you’re a fan of either Big Boi or Modest Mouse, then you’ve probably already heard that ATLien is producing Modest Mouse’s next album, the first since 2007′s We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. The band played a set at Sasquatch Music Festival this past weekend and premiered two new jams, which are streamable below:

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KID CHOCOLATE – “Better On The Coast”

Let me introduce you to these merry fellows of Kid Chocolate. Their music really inspires a sense of child-ness that is deep inside of us to come out. Their best song I think is “Better on the Coast,” so definitely listen to that. But, they really let you in on their emotional appeal in “Coca Drugga.”

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YEASAYER – Sneak Peak at some New Tracks

Yeasayer debuted one of their new songs “Devil and the Deed” on Conan a few nights ago (see performance below).  Although they’re still on tour promoting Odd Blood, you can tell they want to add some more songs to their repertoire.  The song is led by Anand Wilder, and is most comparable to their hit “O.N.E” – in the sense that the musical organization appears to be a bit disjointed on first listen.  With repeated listens, one can finally wrap their head around the song, and find that complex groove that characterizes Yeasayer‘s music.

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WHITE LIFE: White Life LP (2011)

White Life  MP3s –  “Time Is Wasting,” “I Want Love”

White Life is a Baltimore retro-pop group consisting of Jon Ehren and his sister Emily Ehrens.  This is just one of many projects Ehren has created.

The 80s are written all over this CD, with little influence past the 90s, but somehow it still works.

Check out “I Want Love” below, and the other tracks I uploaded for y’all.  If you like even one of their songs, go to their site HERE and you can download the album, White Life LP, at a name-your-price rate; just click the “yes I’d like to support Ehse Records” box.


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