CSS – “Red Alert” (Ft. Ratatat)

Ratatat makes something OK into a Must-Hear

Ratatat is sick – given.  CSS is a above-average Brazilian electro-quintet – sure.  If you somewhat like or know how good Brooklyn’s music duo Ratatat (Mike Stroud = Guitarist, Evan Mast = Synth Driver/Producer) are at creating original hip-hop beats then you’ll love their production on “Red Alert.” You’ll see this track on CSS‘s new album, La Liberación. 

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BON IVER x JAMES BLAKE – “Fall Creek Boys Choir”

Bon Iver and James Blake – Fall Creek Boys MP3

No this is Not a Mashup, this is the real-deal Collab between two modern greats Bon Iver and James Blake.

The recently announced James Blake x Bon Iver collaboration is now available for your listening pleasure (or pain, depending on your mood). It’s called “Fall Creek Boys Choir” and it goes a little something like this:

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XXYYXX – “Post-Breakup”

My girlfriend broke up with me 2 days ago, was planning on ask her to marry me, so I’ve been visibly upset for some time now.  It would be in my best interest to avoid songs

titled “Post-Breakup,” but there is always that urge to be masochistic during times like these.  It’s a chillwave fro-fi beat that chilled me out on this teary morning.

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