Fan Favorites: Best of 2012 Playlist

Ya’ll can make this one

I was recently introduced to a new social music/collaborative playlist site called via the site’s founder Mikel Hoogland.  It’s an extremely simple and well executed site that stands above the dozen other “playlist creator” web sites.

For some time now I’ve wanted to involve you all more in this site, and not by just lame pollings or votes of “favorite tracks.”   Instead, this site gives us all the opportunity to collaborate together, and see what Songs and Artists you all have been really loving this year from my past mixtapes.

These are the Guidelines for Our Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? Best of 2012 Fan Favorites:

  • RULE #1: Login and Signup at, and this LINK is your Invite to participate in the playlist.
  • RULE #2: ONLY choose Songs from This year’s D.YHTN Mixtapes?.
  • RULE #3: Vote as much as you wish.  But add your favorite songs judiciously so that it you’re not saturating the playlist with your songs; just wait for others to add some before you go for seconds.
  • RULE #4: Have Fun (or some other banal phrase to that effect)

This is a small sample of me experimenting with the site for the October D.YHTNM?  Notice how you can Add tracks, Vote, and Follow playlists.  It’s pretty neat and minimal.

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Also, glad you introduced Dan Mangan on the Oct C-side. I also recently discovered them at a show in Edmonton a few months ago and they were pretty good live.


Sounds awesome! Merry Chirstmas/Happy Holidays! Most grateful as always, thank you!