Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? (October 2011): Best New Music of October 2011

This one is a doozy :). Fall is a wonderful time of the year for my/our type of Music.  I listened to 1-thousand songs More than usual due to all the New Releases. I’ve been listening to more “indie-dance” music; It’s probably considered dance music – It just makes me cringe a little to think that’s what it really is. But there’s a bunch of groovy “dance” tracks in here that I think most of you will enjoy.

The C-SIDE is/will be instantly available this month due to its great demand/fan-fare. It will be available as a SEPARATE DOWNLOAD (as a ZIP file) at Did.YouHearTheNew.com. As I’ve said before, I never water-down these mixes, and that extends to the C-SIDE.  I have my own reasons why some of the those tracks are not a part of the Main Mixtape. If the demand for these continue, I will keep making the “extra/bonus disc/c-side.”

I Love Making these for you, so Enjoy Did.You Hear The New October 2011 Mixtape?





Spotify Playlist 
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01 Blood Diamonds – Dreams
02 Giraffage – Moments
03 Tycho – A Walk
04 St. Lucia – All Eyes On You
05 Slime – Gals (Feat. Vondelpark)
06 Phantogram – Don’t Move
07 Stumbleine – Ember
08 Monarchy – Black, The Colour Of My Heart
09 Shells – Arctic
10 Madeon – Shuriken
11 Edit Murphy – Mercy
12 Other Lives – Tamer Animals
13 Mansions On The Moon – Darkness
14 Feist – How Come You Never Go There
15 The Barr Brothers – Beggar In The Morning
16 Giraffage – Polar Bear
17 White Arrows – Get Gone
18 The New Division – True Lies
19 Walls – Heat Haze
20 Feist – The Circle Married The Line
21 Alex Clare – Up All Night (Skream’s Behind Closed Doors Remix)
22 Braids – Peach Wedding
23 Radiohead – Bloom (Blawan Remix)
24 Teeth – Flowers
25 Shaky Snakes – Ozone Exciter
26 Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine
27 White Denim – Hot Thought
28 Monogold – Spirit or Something
29 Mindthings – Aurore
30 Monarchy – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Ft. Britt Love)
31 Priory – Kings Of Troy
32 Vetiver – Can’t You Tell (Bing’s Slim for Summer Dub Remix)
33 The Concretes – All Day (Niva Remix)
34 Stay+ – Fever
35 You Won’t – Television
36 Edwin Van Cleef – Never Be Alone At Night (Ft. Gemini Club)
37 Liam Finn – Jump Your Bones
38 John Katona – Melt
39 Giraffage – Eschaton
40 Florence + The Machine – The Machine
41 Pinemarten – Come Upstairs
42 The Distance – Dry Land
43 Jamie XX – Progress
44 Rokhsan – Soldier
45 Scrimshire – Warm Sound
46 Milagres – Glowing Mouth (Radio Edit)
47 Azad Right – Spiderwebs (Prod. by Jonathan Marquez)
48 Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven
49 Slime – Breakfall
50 Cool Million – Cool To Make A Million (Ft. Leroy Burgess) (Ilija Rudman After Hours Mix)
51 Motopony – Wait For Me (Tim Livingstone Edit)
52 Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane (Stern Disco Remix)
53 Outasight – Tonight Is The Night
54 Black Eagle Child – Cycle To The Moon
55 Cookies – Summer Jam
56 Gardens & Villa – Orange Blossoms (Yourstru.ly Session)
57 Work Drugs – Blue Steel
58 Alex Clare – Hands Are Clever
59 Small Pyramids – I Want Blood (Goldroom Remix)
60 Childish Gambino – Bonfire
61 Equals – Salvo
62 Outasight – Loosen Up
63 SebastiAn – Love In Motion (Ft. Mayer Hawthrone) (Original Mix)
64 Grouplove – Tongue Tied
65 Tropics – Figures
66 Sur Nilsson – Oh No Its Done
67 Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth
68 Real Estate – Kinder Blumen
69 Childish Gambino vs Chiddy Bang – Put It In Your Manners (DJ 21azy Mashup)
70 Expo – Right Here With Me
71 Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
72 Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out
73 DRC Music – Hallo
74 Youth Lagoon – Cannons
75 White Arrows – Coming or Going (RAC Remix)
76 Leisure – Green Light
77 Jonquil – Mexico
78 Body Language – You Can (Star Slinger Remix)
79 RAC – 1979 (Ft. Liz Anjos) (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

80 How To Dress Well – Suicide Dream 2 (Elite Gymnastics Baptism)
81 Sensible Soccers – Fernanda
82 Priory – Alone
83 Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris (Its Overture Remix)
84 Alabama Shakes – Hold On
85 Silver Wren – Winter’s Hum
86 POMPEYA – Tropical
87 Mindthings – Sea Frequency
88 Feist – Graveyard
89 Tycho – Coastal Brake
90 Robot Science – Fog
91 The New Division – Special
92 Lydia – Hailey
93 Crystal Fighters – At Home
94 Little Scream – The Heron And The Fox (Work Drugs Sex-Fi Remix)
95 GAMES (Ford & Lopatin) – No Disguise
96 Slow Magic – Sorry Safari (Giraffage Remix)
97 No Ceremony – WEARME
98 Fenech-Soler – Stop and Stare (Gemini Remix)
99 Example – Midnight Run (Flux Pavilion Remix)
100 Hard Mix – All Again
101 Sun Glitters – Too Much To Lose (Slow Magic Remix)
102 Pinemarten – Coming Around Again
103 Mina Tindle – To Carry Many Small Things
104 Onra – Keep On Loving Me
105 Equals – Table Monster
106 Body Language – Falling Out (Honey Soundsystem Remix)
107 Brothertiger – Like Water
108 Netherlands – Something Or Nothing
109 ROSTAM – Wood 9-27 B
110 New Moods – Playtime
111 Glowbug – Never Get It Back
112 Radiohead – Lotus Flower (SBTRKT Remix)
113 ADR – Jupiter Rising
114 Psychic Feline – Little Boats
115 Shaky Snakes – Hold On To Yr Rock N Roll
116 Annie Williams – Roll On Hills
117 Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (CFCF Remix)
118 Josie Charlwood – Electric Feel (Loopstation Cover)
119 Arrange – When’d You Find Me
120 Scrimshire – All Roads Lead You Home
121 Cuff The Duke – Count On Me
122 Monarchy – Maybe I’m Crazy
123 Cultfever – Knewyouwell
124 Noah & The Whale – Waiting For My Chance To Come (Bibio Remix)
125 St. Lucia – The Old House Is Gone (The Knocks Remix)
126 Viadrina – Bodymind
127 Alex Clare – Too Close

[big_button color=”green” url=”http://adf.ly/937505/october-mixtape-2011-zip-4shared” desc=”ZIP Download”] C-SIDE [/big_button]

128 Massive Attack X Burial – Massive Attack vs Burial – Paradise Circus
129 Catcall – Swimming Pool
130 Kris Orlowski & The Passenger String Quartet – Steady and Slow
131 Keep Shelly in Athens – Hauntin’ Me (The New Division Remix)
132 AM & Shawn Lee – Dark Into Light
133 Howse – Porch
134 Banjo Or Freakout – Idiot Rain (Chad Valley Remix)
135 Savoir Adore – Dreamers
136 Sam Padrul – All I Do
137 Death Cab for Cutie – Doors Unlocked And Open [Cut Copy Remix]
138 White Town – Your Woman (The White Panda Remix Ft. Dorrough)
139 The Pass – Saturn’s Ocean
140 AU PALAIS – Tender Mercy
141 Daphni – Ahora (Original Mix)
142 Everglade – Glowing Bars
143 Korallreven – As Young As Yesterday
144 Vacationer – Gone
145 Dead Western Plains – People Beat
146 Tiger Baby – LeFt. Unsaid
147 Coyote Clean-Up – You X Won’t X Know
148 Supreme Cuts – Belly
149 Lykke Li – Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers Cover)
150 Sic Alps – Battery Townsley
151 Alex Clare – Up All Night
152 Other Lives – Dark Horse
153 Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Gloves Remix)
154 Still Corners – Circulars
155 Death In Vegas – Your LoFt. My Acid
156 College – A Real Hero (Ft. Electric Youth)
157 Octo Octa – I’m Trying
158 Brothertiger – Lovers
159 Priory – Coal Mine
160 Dark Captain – Submarines
161 MillionYoung – Replicants
162 Monogold – Feel Animal
163 Star Slinger – Dumbin’ (Ft. Reggie B)
164 Still Corners – Into the Trees
165 Jordan Fenton – Losing Sleep
166 Brothertiger – Back to Us
167 Priory – Devil Vs. Heater
168 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip) Remix)
169 Wild Beasts – Thankless Thing
170 Monarchy – Around The Sun
171 The Knocks – Brightside
172 Jona – The Message
173 Memory Tapes – Slaughtered (Modcast 94) (Abridged)
174 Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Jamie Woon Remix)
175 James Johnston – There Is Always Time To Change
176 Real Estate – Green Aisles
177 News of the Fire – Faces

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November please!


desperately waiting for the november playlist . so far, good job!!


Great mixes! I just ran the NYC marathon today and included a ton of songs from your past mixes on my playlist. Really awesome stuff.


You are the best and I can't thank you enough for the work you do to introduce new music to people you don't even know. This mixtape was exceptional, I'm so glad I got a hold of it. Kudos to you!


Probably the best mixtape you've made so far. I love every single track and listen to it every day as I wear my welly boots and splash through the puddles here in Napoli! It's so happy and fun! Thank you and keep upi the hard work! True Respect. Rowena x


You are awesome! THANK YOU SO MUCH Your selections are so damn refined, its ridiculous. Your mixes make my month! Love your album designs - I dont know who does them, but I am a graphic designer I would be more than happy to design some for you as a token of my appreciation. Keep it up, Bf


Mate, thanks for the awesome playlist. There is many pearls inside. However, the tracks n°40 and n°72 are the same. Florence and The Machine-Shake it out. I enjoy this song so much, I don't really mind though. It's just perhaps a small mistake. By the way, is it possible to have the C-side in torrent? My internet connexion is so weak, I can't download it. Keep up with your fantastic work, I can't wait to listen to the new one.


Dry Land - The Distance so glad this song was included, been diggin this song for a while.


So great. 167 Priory – Devil Vs. Heater is missing from C-Side


FANTASTIC! I love them more and more each time...Keep 'em coming.


Love your mixes and effort, keeps my head buzzin monthly with fresh new musak. I often wonder where you find so much new content. Great work.


Great collection of tunes as always. Your work in compiling these mixes is very much appreciated!


Keep on doing those great mix tapes! You are my official music supplier ! THANKS!


This playlist is always awesome, the effort and awesomeness is felt every month!!!! thnx for making studying for finals bareable!! cnt wait for next months :)


Thanks for the music! I've ended up buying a ton of records based on things I've discovered through you (no longer have the time to keep up on new releases). So thanks for the service! Aaaand, love the C-sides-keep 'em comin'!

Sun Ra El
Sun Ra El

Thank you and keep up the mixtapes. You are one of the two music providers that i listen to. Keep up the awesome work I know alot of time and effort goes into this. Peace.


Bromances + Hugs are welcomed here


Im so glad you've enjoyed them - I do put a lot of work into them, but its extremly fun doing so. I actually make the album art, and I appreciate the compliment because I don't know what i'm doing/In photoshop; I just try to make something that has some semblance/relevance to my feelings. I would love to see some of your work Thanks for the post!


Hey I just downloaded it to verify and it was there..weird? Here's the track to make it easier for you/so you don't have to reDL the whole thing Enjoy!

Vinod Pillai
Vinod Pillai

Sun Ra El, could you let me know the other?


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