Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? (September 2011): Best New Music of September 2011

This month’s mixtape is a big one, in a good way.  I’ve spent more than enough time trying to cut this to the Best Of, but so many good Rock/Folk albums got released over the past 30 days.  So much in fact that a Separate “C-Side” was created.  The C-Side will be available on the website/here (depending on where you are reading this) as a Zip file; or if there is enough requests – I’ll create a torrent for it.  The September Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? includes a Lot more Indie-Rock than in the previous few Tapes. There’s plenty of ‘Indietronica’ on here as well.

In regards to the morose and lugubrious Cover Art for this month’s mixtape, I didn’t intend for it to be a downer.  Some of you know that my Dream Girl broke up with me recently, and it has been one of the hardest if not the most difficult thing I’ve been through emotionally.  Music has always been a true love of mine, and it has definitely helped in many ways (see GOTYE – “Somebody That I Used to Know”); whilst “tainting” many of my favorite artists (see All Music I Ever shared Listening to with Her).

Nonetheless, I like what my Emotions projected onto Photoshop.  Love it or hate it, it’s as real as it gets.
I hope you can enjoy These Songs/Mixtape with me.

For those who sent me “cheer up” and “get well” messages to me over the past month – THANK YOU.





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01 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Yellow Missing Signs
02 Contrakids – Reach Up
03 Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know
04 Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy
05 Fixers – Swimmhaus Johannesburg (Star Slinger remix)
06 The New Division – Opium
07 The Whip – Secret Weapon
08 Trophy Wife – Canopy Shade (Produced by Plaid and Trophy Wife)
09 Blind Pilot – Always
10 Gardens & Villa – Orange Blossom (GAYNGS Remix)
11 Givers – Meantime (Black Cab Session)
12 Walls – Sunporch
13 Pajaro Sunrise – Old Goodbyes
14 Delorean – Real Love
15 Mates Of State – Palomino
16 CSS – Red Alert (Ft. Ratatat)
17 Oliver S – Doin’ Ya Thang (Original Mix)
18 Pajaro Sunrise – Love Like A Drummer
19 Dom – Blakelock
20 Surfer Blood – Take It Easy (RAC Maury Remix)
21 Ryan McAllister – Bell Tower
22 Baxter Dury – Afternoon
23 Otis Heat – Shame
24 Com Truise – Ether Drift
25 SayMyms – Madeleine (New Wolvepop Project)
26 Galleries – Young Wounds
27 Mat Kearney – She Got the Honey
28 Peter Wolf Crier – Never Meant To Love You
29 M83 – OK Pal
30 Kids In The Hall – Break It Down (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
31 Slow Magic – Corvette Cassette
32 Sam Roberts Band – Let It In
33 Wheeler Brothers – Portraits
34 Little Red – Get A Life
35 Fuck Art, Let’s Dance! – Walk Away, You’re Messed Up
36 Nurses – Eternal Thrills
37 Young Man – Nothing
38 Browska – Network
39 Austra – Indentity
40 tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta (Ad-Rock remix)
41 Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out, Words Gone
42 Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) (Original Mix)
43 Body Language – Falling Out (Golden Touch Remix)
44 Slow Club – Two Cousins
45 M83 – Wait
46 Young the Giant – Cough Syrup (Ra Ra Riot Remix)
47 Bon Iver & James Blake – Fall Creek Boys Choir
48 Contrakids – Into You
49 Boat Beam – The Rain Pauly
50 Washed Out – Far Away (Soft Rock Version)
51 Mat Kearney – Count on Me
52 Avicii & David Guetta – Sunshine (Special Features Bootleg)
53 xxyyxx – Post Breakup
54 Collider – Silos
55 Trips and Falls – This is All Going to End Badly
56 Air France – It Feels Good to Be Around You
57 Teams – Mile High
58 Fiction – Big Things
59 Arms and Sleepers – The Architekt
60 Blood Diamonds – Move The Stars
61 Alex Winston – Fire Ant
62 The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love
63 Florence + The Machine – What the Water Gave Me

64 M83 – Intro (Ft. Zola Jesus)
65 Blind Pilot – Half Moon
66 The Rapture – It Takes Time To Be A Man
67 Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Ft. John Martin) (Original Mix)
68 Mike Doughty – Na Na Nothing
69 Nurses – Trying To Reach You
70 Viceroy – Sunny Daze (Original Mix)
71 Future Islands – Balance
72 M83 – Raconte-Moi Une Histoire
73 Oh Mercy – Stay, Please Stay
74 Blood Orange – Forget It
75 Active Child – Hanging On
76 Fabian – Last Flight
77 Tahiti 80 – Easy
78 Lo-Fi-Fnk – Last Summer
79 Selva Oscura – Breeze
80 Otis Heat – Everybody Loves Me the Same Way
81 These Electric Lives – Called It Off
82 Urban Cone – Urban Photograph
83 Ryan McAllister – Yellow Line
84 Megafaun – Resurrection
85 Selva Oscura – Honey Flow
86 Walls – Sunporch (Holy Other Remix)
87 Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Bibio Remix)
88 Oh Mercy – Let Me Go
89 The Weeknd – Heaven Or Las Vegas
90 Nurses – Fever Dreams

Comment below if you’d like these too.


91 Isola – Covet Me
92 Glasser – Treasury of We (Delorean Remix)
93 Yellow Ostrich – In The Past I Was An Astronaut
94 The Antlers & Neon Indian – Rolled Together
95 Yalls – Weave It (FAMUEL Remix)
96 Ryan McAllister – This Black Heart
97 Yournalist – Nigerian Girl
98 Isola – Working Fine
99 Warm Speakers – Verda
100 CSS – Hits Me Like A Rock
101 The Golden Filter – Mother (Web Rip)
102 Selva Oscura – City Birds
103 I’m from Barcelona – Always Spring
103 Outa

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Hi, wuala doesn't let access to the C-Side... :( Could you post a torrent for it, or upload it to Google docs? All your mixtapes are wonderful, I'd like to have them all! :)


Can't get the C-side anymore. Can't find it anywhere online. Does anyone still have it?




Seems "xxyyxx" is missing a y, took the piss trying to find more stuff by them! Any way of fixing it this late for others who may download?


Thank you for what you do... I have new favorite songs now I would of never known. :D


c-side please?


Love these... c-side please


What is a "C side" song. ....or am I just an idiot and there is no such thing? Wait, I just answer the first question, I know I'm an idiot.


Can't dl the C-sides. Is there something wrong with the link? Thank you again for another amazing mixtape!


To put it quite simply: life won't be the same without the C-side.


P.S. Sorry to hear about your tragic break-up. This song is short but the lyrics "Someday love's gunna destroy me" has got some power behind them, as we are all destroyed by love at some point in our lives.


Great job, listening now! I love your mixtapes and look forward to them every month. I also appreciate the freedom in choice when it comes to downloading or streaming them. The C-sides would be appreciated.


Been waitin anxiously for this month. Saw some gems in there that I've already been listening to but am glad they are on the list, being such great songs. Keep up the great work and let's get those C-Sides out so we can hear all the goodness you have to offer.


Would adore the C- Side!!!


I would most definitely love C-sides. These playlists keep me sane on my hour-long commutes